12 May 2005

i'm set.......

this is my day-every thursday is the same
11am wake up
11:10 read www.scrapbookeronline.com
11:15-12:45 watch 2 episodes of ER on tivo
1pm get lunch
2pm re check sbo
2:30 look at scapbook table to see if i need anything.
3pm get ready for work
3:30 leave for work
4pm start work
7:30 get off work
7:45 get dinner
8:15 start the OC
8:30 check sbo
9:30 call remind bf of ER in half-hour
10pm watch ER
11pm watch the news
11:35 call bf
2am finally go to bed


Blogger Nikki Workman said...

11:15 - 12:45 is to blame for your love of a younger Noah Wylie and George Clooney...tee hee! Both excellent choices!

11:28 AM  

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