02 November 2006


I'm starting work on my HOF entry for this year, I started last year and it stressed me out that I had to stop. Last night while just sketching some ideas for an assignment I got one of my stress migraines. I haven't had one in months. So I'm afraid that they're going to keep going and I'm not going to be able to finish my HOF entry again this year. I picked up a bottle of Exedrin, a bag of choclate, and a couple bottles of coke, those are the only things that make my migraines go away, so I'll keep them handy whenever I'm working on my Entry layouts.

Also I've started another blog(not that i updated that one ofter either) Daily Disney where I keep my notes about upcoming Disney trips.

09 October 2006

L and M

13 September 2006

day 2

Day 2 8/28 My 20th Birthday:

Morning EMH at Animal Kingdom. We got there right before 8, I got my AP. When the gates opened we went to EE, it was awesome. WE wondered over to Safari and got a fastpass, the line at 8:30 was already 1/2 hour and fastpass was for 35 min later. Went and got a piece of fruit and coke for breakfast. Went on the Safari then we were going to see Fest of the LK but that wasn't convent. Seeing that most rides now had a 1/2 or more wait we decided to go to MGM studios for the first time this trip. Rode all the major attractions except for RRC and ToT. Noting too special. Lots of questions about how to get Wiggles tickets. Then around 4 we head to Magic Kingdom. Got there just in time to see the Flag Retreat. Then we wondered over to Tomorrowland as we passed by the ice cream place there, Ben pulled me aside and got me a free ice cream for my birthday. around 7 we got on a boat and went to the Wilderness Lodge for dinner at Whispering Canyon. It was great food, It's on my list of places I'd like to eat again. My dad ordered a large coke and it was large. we went back to the resort. Skipping EMH at MGM.
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11 September 2006

day 1

aug 27th Epcot and Magic Kingdom

we arrive at POP at 7am and our room was ready, great room in the 50s building. We drop our stuff off in our room, drop off the rental car and catch the boat from the Dolphin to Epcot. The crowds were large but it was summer and it didn't really make for any long lines. rode Sorin' and Test track with little wait. Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy with no wait. Around 3pm crowds started to show up, so we hopped onto the Monorail and went to the Magic Kingdom we got there right as the afternoon parade was ending and people were leaving. We went straight back Pirates of the Caribbean, didn't really like it, but that's another story. Then I went and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and then just fiddled around a semi-crowded park. Left to go have dinner at Chef Mickey's, the food wasn't good, but i did get my first pictures with the characters. Then we headed back to Magic Kingdom it was extra magic hours. We went back to BTMR to start our trek across the park as we were riding in the front. It was going really fast and bumpy. We started up the 3rd hill and we stopped, they said a host/hostess would be right with us. They took us off the train and walked us to the exit where they gave us good for any ride any time we decided that was enough to call it a night.

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21 August 2006

j and K

06 August 2006

H and I

05 August 2006