13 September 2006

day 2

Day 2 8/28 My 20th Birthday:

Morning EMH at Animal Kingdom. We got there right before 8, I got my AP. When the gates opened we went to EE, it was awesome. WE wondered over to Safari and got a fastpass, the line at 8:30 was already 1/2 hour and fastpass was for 35 min later. Went and got a piece of fruit and coke for breakfast. Went on the Safari then we were going to see Fest of the LK but that wasn't convent. Seeing that most rides now had a 1/2 or more wait we decided to go to MGM studios for the first time this trip. Rode all the major attractions except for RRC and ToT. Noting too special. Lots of questions about how to get Wiggles tickets. Then around 4 we head to Magic Kingdom. Got there just in time to see the Flag Retreat. Then we wondered over to Tomorrowland as we passed by the ice cream place there, Ben pulled me aside and got me a free ice cream for my birthday. around 7 we got on a boat and went to the Wilderness Lodge for dinner at Whispering Canyon. It was great food, It's on my list of places I'd like to eat again. My dad ordered a large coke and it was large. we went back to the resort. Skipping EMH at MGM.
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