04 January 2006

Disney Day 1

Day 1: 12/31/2005
We started our morning at 5am. for no real reason I couldn't sleep and woke David up on accident. We checked out of the Hotel we were staying at for the first night and Headed to the All Star Music resort. Checked in even though our room wasn't ready. We got back in the car and headed to MGM where we knew we'd end the night. Got on a boat and went over to Epcot. This being my millionth trip to Disney I knew the first thing to do was to get a Fast Pass to Test Track. and go ride the Universe of Energy an hour later we were on Test Track and went over to the Wonders of Life pavilion(the last day it was open) and rode Cranium Command and Body Wars. Leaving there we saw how long the other lines were and decided we'd ride them on another day. We started our way around the world. By 3pm we were done with what we were going to do at Epcot for the day. and headed back to the resort. We took a short nap. We were at MGM by 5pm. We rode a bunch of stuff and found our spots for the midnight fireworks. At 11:52pm it was midnight for us. Then all the normal people were asked to leave. Resort stayers get the Magic Hours, where a certain park stays open up to 3 hours after the regular hours. We still called it an early night at 1:30 Posted by Picasa


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