04 January 2006

Disney Day 2

Day 2: 1/1/2006We started the morning with Animal Kingdom, hearing all the horror stories of how busy New Years Day was, we prepared for the worse. So we picked the park that would probably be the least busy. There were no wait on Dinosaur the big thrill ride there, and a 10 min wait for the safari. It was only 11 and had done the 2 things we had gone to do. So we went to Rafiki's Plant Watch. And saw a talking trashcan. It was worth the bad train ride. We ate bad lunch and went back for our afternoon nap. At around 6pm we headed to Magic Kingdom, it seemed like an almost dead day. We saw the Spectromagic parade which was cool. and then the wishes fireworks show. Then the parked closed at 12 and magic hours started. We rode a few rides. and around 2am decided to go see who was signing autographs. We got pictures with Mickey and Minnie and I got pictures with Chip 'N' Dale. Then we went over to Goofy. David wore his "Eat. Sleep. Exercise.(watching TV)" Goofy had a ball. He first called over his escort to read it and then the photographer. We decided to call it a night when the Castle got turned back on. The timer had it turn off at 2am. And it was a nice bright white so, we had some pictures taken in front of it. Headed back to the hotel around 2:45 in the morning. Posted by Picasa


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Okay...finally I can see your blog. I don't know why...but when I hit refresh then finally it shows your recent updates. Hope you are having fun!

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