11 March 2006

Overwhelmed with new Stuff

I'm back from Hilton Head(but that's a different post). Until 3 weeks ago, I didn't buy anything too big in scrapbooking. Yet in the past three weeks, I've gotten: The new BasicGrey, Kaleidoscope 3,my first set of Acrylic stamps, many more sets of Acrylic stamps, a Xyron Personal Cutting System, and the some many other things. Just looking at all of this stuff, I feel so stressed to scrapbook. This morning i did manage to make a card with one of my new stamp sets. So I've decided that I'm not buying anything else until I use everything I've bought at least once. I say I last about a week until something new comes in that I want to get.

Going to a crop tonight, I'll post later about my trip to Hilton Head,


Blogger madcow said...

Ha! So I'm not the only one who can't stop shopping! LOL I have been good this year though - much the same idea as yours to actually USE some of the stuff I keep buying. So far, so good and I think I've only spent $10 since Christmas. Now if only I could have a few LO's to show for this self imposed shopping drought! xxx Clare

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