27 May 2005

just an update

David is in Austria for the 10 days. He left on Tuesday and comes back next Friday. the last time he went to Austia he went for 5 weeks, so i guess i won't miss him quite as much. and this time i have more to keep me busy. I've got tons of Scrapbooking to do, I work most afternoons, and have reading to do.

on a side note i'm going to CK Convention in Carlotte for my birthday. i'm taking a lot of classes because i missed CKU Orlando.

12 May 2005

i'm set.......

this is my day-every thursday is the same
11am wake up
11:10 read www.scrapbookeronline.com
11:15-12:45 watch 2 episodes of ER on tivo
1pm get lunch
2pm re check sbo
2:30 look at scapbook table to see if i need anything.
3pm get ready for work
3:30 leave for work
4pm start work
7:30 get off work
7:45 get dinner
8:15 start the OC
8:30 check sbo
9:30 call remind bf of ER in half-hour
10pm watch ER
11pm watch the news
11:35 call bf
2am finally go to bed

01 May 2005

my first entry

so basicly i'm going to use to make notes about pages i'm working on. pages to do. and journaling ideas.

my website http://www.annsbook.com/scrapbook