29 April 2006

I met Donna Downey.

I met Donna Downey today(pictured) I loved her class. I put the bones of the album together in about 8-10min. The theme was supposed to be my life now/my life then. But I'm thinking it's going to be my Nashville/Chattanooga album.

Back to meeting DD, she is an awesome person. While I don't look that excited in the picture I was screaming and giddy as a little school girl, just trying to keep my cool. We took a group shot which can be found on Donna's Blog this week. I took the 9:50-10:50am CST class.

The rest of the trip was kind of uneventful. David has all the rest of the pictures, as he got a new camera and was taking shots every chance he got, so bunches of me.

20 April 2006


So I'm still working on my Disney Album, but all I have to do is 1 last page, and then a bunch of titles.

Although, I still need to finish my Aquarium mini album, and now I have a New York album to do, now that bf is back from his trip.

11 April 2006

Disney Week

In honor of David being out of town and my having tons of time on my hands, so plans for the week include but are not limited to:
Disney 12x12 book(7 pages to go)
Disney 8x8 book (3 titles and some journaling)
Disney layouts for 8.5x11(4 to go)
Disney Countdown Book
Disney Planner Book
Disney Character Clipboard

None of this is high priority, we don't go again until the end of December, but we started planning this week, so I'm kinda on a Disney roll.
Look @ what a few of my friends made for me @ SBO. Thank you so much.

07 April 2006

Real signs of Spring


I love going to Disney. I've only been maybe 10 times in my life. David and I went for New Years. (more info in previous posts). It was decided the other day, that we would be returning at the same time next year. I can't wait, but it's 8 months away. Which is okay, it gives me time to finish my 2 Disney albums.

Other Notes:
*I scrapbook most of the time now @ crops. I can't lift my bag any more, it's killing my back and knees. So I'm in the market for a smaller bag. I have a CIS XXL, and I love it. I'm leaning towards a Mimi Large roller, but I'm not sure. It needs to hold a 3-ring binder, a CH Emelishment box, 12x12 paper organizer, and a few other small things.
*I'm doing well towards my goal. I've got titles written out for my Disney book. Just need to sit down and QK it all.

03 April 2006

Day 3

I started with a few goals,

a)Finish Disney albums
b)Finish Hilton Head Album
c)Set up my Album System
(The stacy Jullian way)
All About Us
People We Love
Places We Go
Things We Do
So far I'm 95% done with my Hilton Head album, just 2 pages that need titles.
1 of my disney albums is still sitting at 75% done, waiting for journaling and titles.
the other Disney album is sitting at 50% done, so many blank pages.
My 8.5x11 pages are in an "in progress album" It has room for 100 pages, and then I must file them into their correct albums.

I went to 2 crops this weekend and got 11 8.5x11 layouts done and the last 4 double page 8x8s for my hilton head book.