30 March 2006

A layout I love...

I love this layout. It just makes me feel me. I hate mornings, I don't need to do them. I get up around noon, watch a little tv, go to work somedays, and just kinda have me time. I go to sleep around 3am getting the most "work" done around midnight.

29 March 2006

I'm doing my own Handel Challenge

Inspired by Nikki @ SBO(scrapbookeronline.com) I'm going to set a goal to compleate in 25 days.

I'm starting mine on Friday, so I should meet my goal by April 24th(the day before David's birthday)

I have several goals, (sadly all Scrapbook related)
a)Finish Disney albums
b)Finish Hilton Head Album
c)Set up my Album System
(The stacy Jullian way)
All About Us
People We Love
Places We Go
Things We Do

I'm going to try for a twice weekly update, but don't hold your breath. I still said i was going to post about my trip to hilton head, do you see that anywhere (it's not there)

11 March 2006

Overwhelmed with new Stuff

I'm back from Hilton Head(but that's a different post). Until 3 weeks ago, I didn't buy anything too big in scrapbooking. Yet in the past three weeks, I've gotten: The new BasicGrey, Kaleidoscope 3,my first set of Acrylic stamps, many more sets of Acrylic stamps, a Xyron Personal Cutting System, and the some many other things. Just looking at all of this stuff, I feel so stressed to scrapbook. This morning i did manage to make a card with one of my new stamp sets. So I've decided that I'm not buying anything else until I use everything I've bought at least once. I say I last about a week until something new comes in that I want to get.

Going to a crop tonight, I'll post later about my trip to Hilton Head,