24 July 2005

Men Part 2

Last weekend Weezer was in town doing a free concert, and I had said earlier in the week that I'd like to go. Well David was going to work Saturday, so I figured he be done in time to go to the concert, but he wasn't and that I totally understood, and when I seemed a little disappointed that we didn't go. He said why didn't you go, There were a ton of people there, but I didn't want to go alone. So we went out on Sunday, and we were at IKEA and we were talking about dinner and there is a great pasta restaurant downtown within 10 min of where we were and i had said that i wanted to go there. and he seemed made that i wanted to go there. It's like my favorite place to eat.


"You can't live with them, you can't live without them" whoever said that knew exactly what i was thinking. Today, David and I usally do random arrend runs, Fry's, Scrapbook stores, Walmat, ect. well today I needed to go to a few places, I had a list and everything, and when I asked where he wanted to go he said IKEA, which was fine it would take an hour maybe 2. Well his brother hasn't been, so we invite his brother along. We get there and the pregame to the Mets game a 3:10 game was starting at 2:45. When we leave it's a little after 6 and the Mets are in Post game. So I didn't get a thing done that I had hoped to. Well David needed to go to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner, so I went with. A little annoyed that I had wasted my entire Saturday at IKEA. He walked over to the flowers and picked up a boquet of daisies (my favorite flower) and gave them to me. The flowers would be a nice gesture to say "I'm sorry" expect that he never gets me flowers. So that annoyed me even more. Well I go home and I start to do other things, and try to replan things so I can do what I needed to do today on Monday. Well he calls me and tells me dinner was canceled and asked if any of the places i needed to go were still open, well it was 8pm, nither of us had eaten and all the places I needed to go were 25 + mins away.
Maybe now looking at it, I may have over reacted a little bit. I have nothing against going to IKEA, it's been open now for a month and I've been there 5 times.

15 July 2005

Scrapbooker Online :: The online scrapbook community.

Scrapbooker Online :: The online scrapbook community.

This is my hang out place. i come here everyday, chat with some people, upload a few layouts, and learn a lot. I think by finding a place to talk about scrapbooking with other people, i've inproved my own scrapbooking.

14 July 2005


I don't update often, but then I don't know what to tell people that they might actually care to hear. I applied to GPC more then 3 weeks ago. I would think that the Community College would be able to handle an app. In that amount of time.
David and I made it to one year, but it was a rocky day. It was a not so great start to a not so great week. A
I'm thinking about quitting proabaly one of the most awesome jobs I could ever have; working at my LSS. We have a new manager. When I was hired by the old one, I said I couldn't really work weekends unless I had to. And that I could work 15-20 a week. For my last paycheck which was for June 15-30 I had worked 56.18 hours. That just doesn't seem like 15-20 hours a week. I requested weekends off in July and August, for trips that I had planned, and then I requested the weekend off for the Expo here in Atlanta. And the manager basically went off on me. Saying that I had requested more time off then anyone, and that I've requested more days off then she gets off in a year. The days I've requested off have all been weekends, with an occasional Thursday or Monday added on for Travel. I requested off my birthday next month and she like had a hissy fit. But I have plans for my birthday. It's just something I've done for years.
I think that if I didn't request weekends off, they'd have me working everyday of the week, and they've done it. I was the only one as of last week that worked there that didn't have kids. So my schedule was pretty flexible, but it's gotten to the point where they think they can schedule me, for whenever they please. I come in for 2 hour shifts, and it takes me 1/2 hour to get there. I close one night and open the next. I want to quit to find out how things would go down, but at the same time I really like my discount. It makes things more affordable.