03 April 2006

Day 3

I started with a few goals,

a)Finish Disney albums
b)Finish Hilton Head Album
c)Set up my Album System
(The stacy Jullian way)
All About Us
People We Love
Places We Go
Things We Do
So far I'm 95% done with my Hilton Head album, just 2 pages that need titles.
1 of my disney albums is still sitting at 75% done, waiting for journaling and titles.
the other Disney album is sitting at 50% done, so many blank pages.
My 8.5x11 pages are in an "in progress album" It has room for 100 pages, and then I must file them into their correct albums.

I went to 2 crops this weekend and got 11 8.5x11 layouts done and the last 4 double page 8x8s for my hilton head book.


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