07 April 2006


I love going to Disney. I've only been maybe 10 times in my life. David and I went for New Years. (more info in previous posts). It was decided the other day, that we would be returning at the same time next year. I can't wait, but it's 8 months away. Which is okay, it gives me time to finish my 2 Disney albums.

Other Notes:
*I scrapbook most of the time now @ crops. I can't lift my bag any more, it's killing my back and knees. So I'm in the market for a smaller bag. I have a CIS XXL, and I love it. I'm leaning towards a Mimi Large roller, but I'm not sure. It needs to hold a 3-ring binder, a CH Emelishment box, 12x12 paper organizer, and a few other small things.
*I'm doing well towards my goal. I've got titles written out for my Disney book. Just need to sit down and QK it all.


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